Patriot Ordnance Factory

Buy POF firearms from our shop today. By using top-notch engineering and design, POF-USA has positioned itself to create the greatest possible AR platform. Every rifle is constructed using technology exclusive to POF-USA firearms. The corresponding firearm pages go into further detail about these improvements. No other manufacturer can match these improvements since most of them would rather stay in their comfort zones of assembling standard parts rather than providing dependable innovation to our country’s heroes, who are the ones who need it most.

About Patriot Ordnance Factory

Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) has been a leading producer of top-notch handguns and rifles designed to survive the roughest conditions for two decades.
Frank DeSomma, an aeronautical engineer, started POF in an effort to address issues he observed with the gas impingement system. Additionally, Patriot Ordnance Factory was the first business to commercialize the gas piston AR-15.
The target market for POF consists of individuals, law enforcement, and the military. Their highly acclaimed weapons include exceptional engineering and design, along with proprietary POF improvements. Patriot Ordnance Factory’s most well-known product lines include the Minuteman, P15, Revolution, and Renegade.